Expanded Vision - Nature's Cathedral ll

Nature's Cathedral - Photography & Haiku Poetry Book is now on sale on my website - under gifts. The cost of the Book is $20.00. If you want it signed -- just let us know by emailing this site. To find the book -- please look under " GIFTS". My book has been reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle -- I will place that review up here in a few days. In the gift area you will also find -- Cards. Cards for the cost of $2.50 each with envelopes or packed in fours with envelopes for $10.00. Right now I am part of a Holiday Show in Long Island. It is a fun show -- where the gallery marks off a section of it gallery and you can decorate it anyway you want as long as you do it in a holiday spirit. In April I will be having a two person show. That will be exciting. More to follow soon. Terry